Unbelievable results out of Case Western’s Neural Engineering Center.

Authors observed brain waves moving very unusually slowly – just a tenth of a meter per second.   That’s incredibly slow compared to other nerves which can conducted signals as fast of 432 km/h or 275 miles per hour!

As scientists struggled to understand what could be propagating these signals, they ruled out all known transmission mechanisms: synapses, gap junctions, and diffusion.  Their astonishing best guess:  that the signals are being sent directly through the electric field!

We’ve long known that neurons can send signals through axons, the “wires”.   But if Case Western’s geniuses are right, then neurons also have “wireless”.    They can literally communicate, cell-to-cell, through the electric field!

If true, this would be a genuine Game-Changer for our understanding of communication in the brain.

This puzzle piece, submitted for your approval:   “Can Neural Activity Propagate by Endogenous Electrical Field?” (Chen Qiu, Rajat S. Shivacharan, Mingming Zhang, and Dominique M. Durand)




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